40 Years of Zen Mastermind


The 40 Years of Zen Mastermind membership is one of the most innovative ways ever invented to boost your performance levels, become a more mindful leader, jolt your creativity into a higher gear and feed your IQ.

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Your Mastermind membership includes the following:

  1. Essentials Upgrade 1 Brain Training Program — a fully immersive, intense 5-day neurofeedback program run at our facility near Seattle, Washington. You’ll utilize our state-of-the-art neurofeedback equipment and programs, combined with expert guidance and coaching, to harness your brain’s full potential and teach your brain to work in coherence with itself. The result is optimum brain function. We include follow-ups via phone after your program. As your brain continues to experience the impact of the training, we’re here to answer questions for you!
  2. Mastermind Online Community — Graduates of the 5-day intensive neurofeedback training program continue learning from each other and growing via the exclusive 40 Years Mastermind Online Community. This close knit group works together collaboratively to achieve more, together only as those who have shared common experiences can. It also provides ongoing access to the 40 Years of Zen neuroscience and training experts as each Mastermind member continues to grow and explore their new worlds and leverage their new experience.
  3. Live Video Meetings — Join Dave Asprey and experts in the field of neuroscience they share advances in technology and research that are specifically focused on brain training, health and improvement with personal performance in mind. These unique video meetings, held approximately every 6 weeks, will go deep to explore cutting edge advances that Mastermind members are uniquely qualified to understand and adopt for their own personal use.
To help ensure that 40 Years of Zen Mastermind Training is right for you, let’s have a discussion about your goals and get all of your questions answered. To get started:
Please fill out the form below, letting us know what your goals are for the program, how soon your hope to attend, and any other information you’d like to share or questions you have so you can make an informed choice about whether the 40 Years of Zen Mastermind program is right for you. The program runs every Monday through Friday. Availability is limited, so if you have a specific date you’d like to attend, please let us know.
Once you submit the form, we’ll contact you to provide you with more details, confirm that the Mastermind program matches your goals, complete an initial screening and answer any of your questions.

The Essentials Upgrade 1 portion of the Mastermind membership is five consecutive days, starting on Mondays. 

If you would like to discuss the program with us, please complete the form below with your availability.