Benefits of Neurofeedback – the 40 Years of Zen way

“Neurofeedback is the #1 most impactful biohack that I have used in my entire life. That’s saying a lot, because I have spent over $300,000 on personal upgrades and hacking my biology.”

– Dave Asprey



I’m Dave Asprey, founder of the Bulletproof Executive, New York Times bestselling author, and host of Bulletproof Executive Radio, ranked #1 in the health category on iTunes.

Listening to Your Brain

The idea is relatively simple. Your brain uses electricity. If you measure the electricity and turn it into sounds and play them back to your brain, your brain gets new information about how it’s doing. Before we had this amazing ability to measure what was happening inside the head, people had searched for tens of thousands of years for ways to understand what was happening inside the brain. Many schools of meditation emerged, not as religions, but as scientific attempts to improve what is happening inside our heads.

This process works because our brains don’t have a very good mechanism to know what is going on inside of them. The addition of this instant feedback information will help you make progress at a rate that you could never achieve with traditional meditation.

I have had brain focused biofeedback in my home office since 1997. In addition, I’ve tested many of the available technologies on the market. All of them are expensive and hard to use, which is why most of the time you have to go to a physician or therapist to properly utilize this technology. I began to wonder why the high-dollar neurofeedback programs that have made such a difference to me hadn’t been advancing at the same pace of technology and knowledge as other areas of performance hacking. I went through 8, seven day long old-school neurofeedback programs. While they made a huge difference, those could only take me so far. Basically, I reached a limit where my desire to improve exceeded the capacity of the traditional technology.

So I decided to hack it. I’ve taken my experience and the expertise of top neuroscientists, meditators and industry leading executive trainers to craft a brand new, 5-day 40 Years of Zen™ brain training program called Essentials Upgrade 1. This is more than neurofeedback. It will teach your whole body how to work in harmony; the training is faster, deeper, better and we teach you how to lock it in on day 5 so you continue to reap the benefits long after the “official” training has ended.

It’s different than anything you’ve ever experienced. Up until now, traditional neurofeedback training has only been able to access a single, individual surface area, training 10 to 20 mental variables. 40 Years of Zen is using cutting edge technology that trains the entire brain network together and can train up to 5,700 variables at one time!  We use source imaging to see exactly what is going on throughout your brain, which allows us to directly focus on deep brain areas. Even if you’ve done brain training before, you haven’t experienced or received the benefits that the Essentials Upgrade 1 provides.

The Results

Of all the techniques I have tried, the 40 Years of Zen approach has produced the most tangible results. It is what I take my highly successful executive clients through. The reason is very simple. You learn to put your brain in the same state as an advanced Zen meditator, in only five days. It normally takes between 20 and 40 years of daily practice to achieve this state. Along with this state comes an increase in focus and intelligence, as well as an increase in creativity that lasts. This type of brain training has been used by some of the most powerful business people, Hollywood celebrities, and athletes on earth. The US Army special forces are now training many of their warriors using this type of approach.

The downside is that it takes five very intense, very full days of time, a large dedicated facility with expensive, custom-built brain monitoring equipment, software and expertise. It costs $15,000 to attend, and it is worth every penny and more.

When I first learned about neurofeedback, I was not at a financial high point in my life. I actually charged it to my Discover card and paid it off over the next year. It is the most important investment in myself I ever made.

To be honest, I went in because I wanted to hack my brain to maximize the impact I could have on my life. I had no idea how difficult it would be, or how amazing it would feel to come out of that training. Simply put, I learned how to get out of my own way.

I also learned how to remain calm and focused in any situation, and how to ensure I was making conscious decisions from the right place, rather than unconsciously making decisions that were ultimately not in my best interest.

By the time I had arrived at 40 Years of Zen™, my first child had undergone an open-heart surgery at four and a half months, my wife’s mother died unexpectedly, and I had undergone my own open-heart surgery to replace my aortic valve that had been destroyed by a
bacterial infection. Oh yeah, don’t forget the stroke that the heart infection caused that alerted us I was sick to begin with. Suffice it to say, 2016 was very a hard year.

When I came back from 40 Years of Zen™, the world was the same, but my perception of it was totally different.40 Years of Zen Graduate

How it works

The custom training facility and intensive process can only handle a small number of brain upgrades at a time. This intense process is customized for each person, with each attendee receiving a customized, personalized 40 Years of Zen Brain Map. Due to the customized, individual mapping, it is not set up for high-volume attendance, which often results in a wait list.

40 Years of Zen is a very unique program, so it’s not for everyone and we pre-screen all applicants. The 5 days you spend in the Seattle area during the program are incredibly hard mental work. It requires an open mind, deep emotional dedication and you need to be in a position in life where you can afford to spend $15,000. In exchange, you’ll reap benefits that few will ever experience and save up to 40 years of meditation practice.

If this describes you, please explore the information throughout this site and enter your name and email address to learn more. From there, we’ll share more about the program and ask you some insightful questions to help ensure your goals and the 40 Years of Zen neurofeedback program are a good match. As I mentioned earlier there is a wait list and a screening process, so if you’re interested, please let me know so we can start the process and you can begin planning for this life changing experience. If you’re ready to sign up and want to lock in a training date, go ahead and sign up, put down a deposit and then we’ll contact you to do the screening. If it’s decided that the program isn’t a fit for your or your goals, the deposit is fully refundable.

If you’re an executive leader who wants to make an amazing culture shift in your executive team that will resonate throughout your whole organization, please let us know of your interest. Remember, it’s a small facility that handles about 5 people at a time, so you’ll want to be thinking of your strongest, brightest and most dedicated leaders.

My goal is to stimulate demand for this type of training and to eventually get it into each and every high school in the world. This type of training can radically change and improve the way you treat yourself and the way you treat others. I am a different and better father, husband, friend, and executive after having been through it.

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