Meet Our Team

At the 40 Years of Zen Training Center near Seattle, Washington, you’ll spend 5 days gaining peak mental performance while working with the best neuroscience experience and top talent in the industry. In the weeks and months after your training, you’ll continue to receive support from our talented and compassionate team through the 40 Years of Zen Mastermind private online group and follow-up phone calls.

Dr. Drew Pierson

Dr. Drew Pierson

Dr. Drew Pierson has performed over 75,000 EEGs and has been practicing Neurotherapy (EEG Biofeedback) since 1996. He worked in a large neuropsychological practice that treated children and adults with a variety of neurophysiological disorders. He specialized in attention disorders, depression, anxiety, autism, seizure disorders and many other medication resistant conditions. In addition, Dr. Drew has also worked with biofeedback to treat severe PTSD in combat veterans.

He is also a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, as well as a licensed and board certified acupuncturist and neurotherapist. His Doctoral rounds consisted of a specialization in Integrative Medicine (Mental Health, Orthopedics, Neurology, Women’s Health, and Pediatrics.)

His work at 40 Years of Zen is about creating a complete lifestyle for excellence, peak mental health, sleep, stress, exercise, dietary intake and environment. Areas with a particular focus and passion are on peak performance and neurological leadership training. In his work at 40 Years of Zen, Dr. Pierson is building on his two decades of neurotherapy experience. He has drawn from his many areas of expertise, including combining biological neurology and performance aspects, plus functional medicine and meditative studies. He recognizes that humans are not just a dissection of the brain and the body. Rather, people are a manifestation of a whole. Dr. Pierson has spent decades exploring and studying to understand these systems and how they organize themselves as parts of a whole. With that knowledge, he has worked with leaders throughout multiple industries to develop unique technology and protocols designed around peak performance and leading through times of growth, learning and change.

Dr. Pierson understands that peak performance and neurological leadership training is about more than the individual. It’s about creating authentic, conscious leaders. This type of leadership is paramount to affecting the people they lead, the communities they are in, societies they represent and creating a better future for all.

He grew up traveling the world with his family as his father served in the Air Force and the U.S. Embassy. He is a decorated veteran, having served 6 years in the U.S. Navy as an Electronic Engineer on a Fast Attack Nuclear Submarine. Most of his service was spent patrolling the waters under the Arctic Circle and taking part in Desert Storm.


Sam Tullman

Sam Tullman has lived on the bridge between knowledge and application for nearly his whole life. His interest in probing the body for behavior and performance began at eight years old when he was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes, and had a world of different physical states, both positive and negative, open up to him.

 In the many years since, this passion has only increased as he’s explored how to maximize performance intellectually studying Neuroscience in Ivy League classrooms, and physically and intuitively as a highly driven Division One athlete. He comes to the 40 Years of Zen team fresh out of pushing these limits at the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated summa cum laude with honors in the Biological Basis of Behavior. He’s done extensive work with EEG technology, having studied in multiple labs that utilize the technology and led the EEG portion of a decision-making study. His research experience includes sleep, decision-making, and pre-cognitive brain response, including published work in the latter area.
 Concurrent with all of this, Sam has delved into the solutions that disparate cultures have found to many of the problems of today. This has included extensive study in South Asian philosophy and multiple visits to that region. His love of travel and early family circumstance have taken him to every habitable continent in the world, and fostered an appreciation for the incredible diversity of human life. What drives him is the ability to leverage cutting edge Neuroscience along with tried and true mental techniques in a way that palpably changes human behavior – improving lives, communities, and entire social systems one human being at a time.