Post-Training Coaching

Continue your Mastermind work with ongoing counseling sessions which keep you accountable and on-track while your brain continues to grow and form new neural nets.

After the 5-day training our alumni are excited with the new adventure of integrating their upgraded brain into their lives, and many of them find it helpful to have some extra support. It doesn’t matter if you have just finished your first Mastermind week, if you completed it a year ago or you have completed your second training week.

In these sessions you will be able to ask questions about your progress, get advice on how to move forward, and work through issues as they arise.

You may schedule a single visit, or buy a package at a reduced cost per session.

· Single 1 hour follow up $175

· Three Sessions for $425

· Six Sessions for $800

Please complete the form below and we will contact you to schedule a time with you, and arrange payment.

“After 40 Years of Zen, my work had only just begun. The days and months following were like learning to “drive a new car.” A re-wired nervous system and brain. There’s an adjustment period. Speaking with a 40 Years of Zen Facilitator on follow-up calls was mission critical to helping me quickly adapt to this new machine. Take advantage of this opportunity to set yourself up for success.”Ben F.
“Through my follow-up sessions with my facilitator after completing my 40 Years of Zen Mastermind Training, I? have been able to take my progress to an even greater level. During our calls, she helps me clearly identify the root cause of a particular issue and gives me practical and easily doable next steps. Through this process, I? have transcended issues effectively and efficiently and am thrilled to continue working with her.”Ritu H.