Training Center Location

40 YOZ Training Center

The 40 Years of Zen Training Center is located in the hills of Kent Washington. While it is only 20 minutes from the Seattle Tacoma International Airport,  it feels like a different world.

Front of the 40 YOZ houseThe Center is strategically, yet subtly, designed to help you disconnect from the outside world so you are able to completely immerse yourself in the experience of a lifetime.

Upon entering, the tranquility of the space invites youto speak softly and slip off your shoes. There is a sense of feeling at home here, a place where you can relax, knowing that it’s private and comfortable …the perfect place for deep, challenging mental work.




Nature surrounds you in this warm and inviting 8,000 square foot training center; with indoor and outdoor fireplaces, natural sandstone floors, soaring ceilings, and wall to wall windows bathing the house in natural light. Brain training and neurofeedback are hard work; we provide amenities and opportunities for you to incorporate your own personal movement or meditative practices into the day.


You are taken cGourmet Kitchenare of every step of the way, and that includes nourishing your body with the highest quality cuisine prepared by our Executive Chef. Each morning you will be welcomed with a fresh, hot cup of Decaf Bulletproof Coffee, blended with grass-fed butter, and Brain Octane. Specially designed Bulletproof menus, incorporating the most nutrient dense food targeted at optimal brain function and energy are served for lunch and dinner. In order to maximize your time in this program, we manage the schedule very carefully each day, including the flow of meal times…so you never have to look at your watch or think about when (or what)  to eat.

It’s not just the parts of the house that you can see that make it special; it’s also the parts that you don’t. We use organic and natural cleaning products to help keep the environment healthy and free of toxins, including special enzymes throughout the house to keep the ecosystem of the training center healthy. We have even outfitted the house with EMF grounding technology to limit the EMFs. There are no artificial fragrances used in the house.

Oimg_20161028_165434utside you will find an expansive covered deck with heaters and a fire by the pond, with a waterfall bubbling in the background.  Enjoy the sunset from this comfortable seating area where you can relax and just “be” with nature while your brain recovers from your most recent training session.

The 40 Years of Zen training center is a sanctuary where you become free to be 100% focused on  training your brain for maximum performance. Due to the sensitive nature of the training process and to protect the privacy of our clients, the training center is not open for tours.

The entire setting was great. Specially crafted food, expert staff and educators, all led to a feeling of trust, openness, relaxation, and support. I felt I was in good, loving, qualified hands. Hence, I could relax into it. ~Debora, 40 Years of Zen Graduate