brain wave comic strip

Every experience you have as a living human being is a result of an underlaying pattern of brain waves. Every moment of every day your brain waves are oscillating different frequencies. Brain waves are measured in hertz (cycles per second) and grouped in different categories: Delta (1– 4), Theta (4-8), Alpha (8-12), Beta (12-38) and Gamma (38–100).  

Say you are an executive sitting around a boardroom table with your colleagues brainstorming about how to get your new product to market. Everyone is kicking around ideas – some recycled from previous discussions and some are inspired and fresh to everyone in the room. The brainstorming session is putting most people in a higher Alpha state where you access a flow of creativityYou have a burst of Alpha and you come forth with an innovative idea that checks all of the boxes for the team.   

Because you have access to Gamma, and your mind can remain quiet for a moment, you have the ability to instantly process simultaneous information from different brain areas. After everyone has had a chance to share their ideas you are able to synthesize everyone’s main points into one cohesive decision statement. 

Now that the team has arrived at the perfect idea, you return to your office to knock out your to-do list. As you sit down at your computer, you switch into a healthy Beta state to focus and concentrate, which allows you to effectively complete your action plan with little to no distractions. Even your cell phone can’t pull you away as you get into the zone and get more done in an hour than most do in 2. 

Your great day at the office is complete and you head home to relax and spend time with your loved ones. Unfortunately, worry and anxiety begins to creep in as you start to wonder if your team has made the right decision. Your brain state has just shifted because the anxiety has caused your Alpha waves to diminish and you move into a high Beta state, which keeps you from being able to relax and be present with your family. Your body is at home, but your mind is still in the office. 

What if you could learn to consciously shift into different brain states? What would your life look like if you have some control over your brainwaves instead of them controlling you? 

By training your mind to recognize and access different brain states you can lock in and kick ass at work, and easily shift into being present and connected with your family back at home. The paradox is that with more relaxation and connection you’re even more productive at work than you were before. By training your brain to recognize and access different brain states you gain control over your life and create opportunities for even more success. 

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