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Experience the benefits of decades of meditation in a FIVE-DAY MASTER NEUROFEEDBACK PROGRAM with 40 Years of Zen. Guided by the pioneering insights of Dave Asprey, this intensive combines ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology to upgrade your creativity, productivity, and mental clarity. Investment: $16,000

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Special Human Upgrade Offer: $1,500 off when deposit is paid by Feb 29th.

Dave Asprey 40 Years of Zen

What 40 Years Of Zen Did For Me...

I noticed that everything I did became easier. I have way more energy, a quieter mind, more productivity, less tiredness and more happiness and my relationships are much better. I can run multiple companies, be a Dad and husband, an author and a podcaster and all kinds of things and still have loads of energy and live with intention and calm. Peak brain performance and better life experience. I want this available for everyone!

Find Peaceful Seclusion

Escape from the noise and find serenity at the secluded Pacific Northwest haven. Just 30 minutes from Seattle, this five-star setting offers the perfect balance of luxury and tranquility for profound personal growth.

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Dine with Purpose

Enjoy meals that transcend the ordinary, prepared by a private chef to align with principles from the Bulletproof Diet. Receive brain-boosting food and soul-nourishing meals, customized to your dietary preferences and needs.

Elevate Your Executive Edge

Transform your brain’s deep neural networks through advanced neurofeedback. Enhance self-awareness, crystallize your goals, and unlock strategic thinking to unleash your full potential. This is next-level neuro-tech executive coaching.

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Advance Your Cognitive Function & Emotional Intelligence

Experience a breakthrough in your mental and emotional development with 40 Years of Zen. Become a more effective communicator, problem-solver, leader, partner, and friend with the proven benefits of proprietary neurofeedback technology and processes.

Ready to Harness Decades of Meditation in Just Five Days?

Special Human Upgrade Offer: $1,500 off when deposit is paid by Feb 29th.

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It is not explainable, what happened after I left. How I perceive the world, people, and the energy around me has changed in a very positive way. People around me could see the change and positive calmness. My ego is still quiet and the anxiety is much lower or not even there.

For me this is like the X-men headquarters. It feels amazing here - with a superhero team. 40 Years of Zen will help you download decades of mindful state training into mere days. The program has improved the fitness and fluency of my brain wave states for enhanced calmness, clarity, concentration and creativity. Thank you to the entire 40 Years Team for their talent, time and thoughtfulness.

Words can't express my gratitude for organizing such a transformative experience. I'm speechless by the results. I feel like I have my mind back. Not only back... on steroids. Wrote 40 pages of reflection. Mind blown. You've gotta believe I'll be sending anyone and everyone I can to benefit from this.

My last pod session my graph was very steady. A sense of peace and self awareness. My wife, children, friends and clients will be better because of 40 Years of Zen. Most important, I finally see myself. My self awareness will exceed every expectation I have ever had of myself. [During] my last pod session my graph was very steady. A sense of peace and self awareness.

By the time I had arrived at 40 Years of Zen™, my first child had undergone an open-heart surgery at four and a half months, my wife's mother died unexpectedly, and I had undergone my own open-heart surgery to replace my aortic valve that had been destroyed by a bacterial infection. Oh yeah, don't forget the stroke that the heart infection caused that alerted us I was sick to begin with. Suffice it to say, 2016 was very a hard year. When I came back from 40 Years of Zen™, the world was the same, but my perception of it was totally different. I didn't realize how much weight I was carrying around in resentment until I was free of it!

I hit on a pattern that was long held in my life, but that I had never quite put together and owned. When I saw the pattern for what it was, it almost came as a relief because I could finally see how to release it.

(My favorite part of the experience was) how you flowed all the parts together into an integrated experience. The experience truly is life changing.

I had been struggling with a personal decision for the past 6 months. I am at a tipping point in my career and the worst case scenario process helped me make a decision and move forward.

(My favorite part of the experience was) alpha and theta training in the pod. (I experienced) Kundalini energy rising up my spine during theta and several “downloads” during theta. I can rely more on my intuition.

Don't think, just go. [But] only if you want to change yourself dramatically and fantastically. I gained freedom from painful stories. Unlocking new potential of skill around, writing reciting and learning. Expressing through motion and music. Ability to relax my body. It's only getting better from here.

I found that it really helped me process past events and the brainwave charts confirmed the fact. I'm grateful for the experience to have scientific proof of my vibrating at love or above.

I felt the training was truly AMAZING! The program helped me accomplish my goals. I feel so much more open, loving, compassionate, and free!

One thing is clear. I changed. I am more connected than ever, more able to share my light , while being present.... Thanks so much for you time, effort, love and happiness .... you guys are simply the best.

What I fundamentally experienced is mostly a sense of “integration” or perhaps “realization” an ability to be and behave as I had always been desiring to, which was previously blocked by the old neurological and behavioral patterns, which were “not me.” It gave me the freedom to behave as I actually wanted to but had been preventing myself from one way or another.

Feeling my brain change in real time was surreal. Watching it change quantifiably was even cooler.

The entire setting was great. Specially crafted food, expert staff and educators, all led to a feeling of trust, openness, relaxation, and support. I felt I was in good, loving, qualified hands. Hence, I could relax into it.

I loved how well we were taken care of; the commitment and quality of the team is exceptional.