Welcome to Neurominer brain training! If you haven’t spent about 7 days doing Creator training program, we encourage you to go back and practice that before beginning Visionary training.

Visionary TrainingDuring Creator training, you became familiar with focus and recall while your brainwaves were in an Alpha state. Throughout the week of training, you probably saw your recall begin to improve and it likely became “easier” as you practiced. Remember that you can see your progress anytime on the graphs in your Neurominer account page.

Here in the Visionary training program, we take it up a notch and you’re going to be practicing your creative recall while you’re brainwaves are in the Theta state. Recall that our algorithm is combined with an audio file from Bill Harris at Holosync that was developed specifically for use with the Neurominer creative recall process.

theta waves

Here are common activities that happen in the Theta state:

  • Access to unconscious mind, often achieved via meditation
  • Intuition and strong imagery
  • Increased creativity and memory
  • Deep sleep and relaxation, but the mind remains active
  • Increased retention of learned material

With all of those things happening when your brain is in the Theta state, you can see how the Visionary program will be more challenging.

A few tips and tricks:

  • Sleep so your brain can recover: You have to improve your sleep because when you train whether it’s a muscle or the brain, at maximum intensity, you must recover at maximum intensity or you don’t get the benefits, you just get tired.
  • Fully expect to have more intense and more vivid dreams during this time period.
  • Be sure your sleeping room is 100% dark. Cover your alarm clock. Use black tape on LEDs on your smoke detector.
  • Journal – Remember that you’re working on creativity and recall…so journal when you wake up! As you get more practice, you won’t need to write things down immediately. But take advantage of your improved mental state as you’re going through the transformative process.
  • Eat for brain energy: Just like you fuel your body when you work harder, you should fuel your brain. Remember that your brain runs on fat (the healthy kinds, like in the Bulletproof Diet). Avoid caffeine after 2pm.

Set aside 25 minutes. If you’re crunched for time, you can do just 10 minutes of Visionary training but really, do the 30 minutes if you can possibly fit it in. Use that time to start training your brain for better IQ, better memory, better intuition and creativity.

Next week you’ll be working on the Dreamer training program (this one is a doozy, so be sure to train every day this week in Visionary mode)!

Warning and Disclaimer

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Holosync audio tones have been embedded in soundtracks used in this training, placing you in certain electrical brain wave patterns in order to facilitate certain parts of the training. Centerpointe Research Institute’s Holosync® audio technology, when listened to with stereo headphones, creates the electrical brain wave patterns of many desirable states, including meditation, enhanced learning, focus and concentration, and creativity. Over time Holosync use creates changes in the brain that enhance mental clarity, creativity, memory and learning ability, while decreasing emotional problems including anxiety, stress, depression, anger, and addictions. “Holosync” is a registered trademark of, and is licensed by, Centerpointe Research Institute, Inc.