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40 Years of Zen is a 5 day Master Program that brings you the benefits of decades of meditation.

You will raise your IQ, EQ and creativity, increase your productivity, make better decisions, and obtain clarity of mind. Experience more happiness, better relationships and an upgraded life.

Your 5 days at 40 Years of Zen includes:

  • A detailed brain map reveals your brain’s unique strengths and weaknesses which then allows us to create tailored protocols so that you can optimize your brain.
  • Neurofeedback in our Zen Pods gives you easy access to deep states of meditation and teaches you how to access peak states of high performance on your own.
  • Custom Cap QEEG Training increases focus, memory, and your brain’s processing speed.
  • You are guided through the experience by expert neuroscientists and facilitators.
  • Private Chef and supplements allow you to train 2.5x further.
  • 6 nights at our partnered hotel and transport between the hotel and facility
    each day for luxury comfort and convenience (optional)
  • Additional proprietary tools and techniques are employed to amplify your results.

Ancient wisdom meets modern neuroscience.

Once you have completed your initial 40 Years of Zen Program Week, you are invited to come and experience a deeper dive into 40 Years of Zen Further. Since your brain is primed to make deeper and more significant changes at a faster rate, we will be challenging with new protocols and frequencies for you to obtain even better brain performance and greater quality of life. 

40 Years of Zen Further

Advanced 5-day Master Program 

Your ROI on your time and resources is more pronounced as you get bigger and better results on your own level of awareness and brain performance. In an advanced program week you will: 

  • Train your brain with more intensity and get even more results. 
  • Longer, advanced POD Sessions and CAP Training. 
  • Have a wider range of things to work on with the Custom Cap QEEG Training  
  • Get a new detailed brain map which will reveal the changes you made in your brain last time and identify what can be enhanced this time. 
  • Get more confident in moving into brain states at will. 
  • You know the rest: expert neuroscientist and facilitators, great food, and all the nutritional and supplemental support that you need.