Dave’s Crisis Advice

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The Pioneers to Frontiers of Neurofeedback  The “spikes and waves” of the human brain were first recorded in 1924 by Hans Berger, a German psychiatrist. Berger went on to create the first electroencephalography (EEG) device in 1929. The discovery of the EEG was a milestone for the advancement of neuroscience and of neurologic and neurosurgical everyday practice, especially for patients with seizures. Before […]

Our Brain Knows

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Our Brain Knows Neuroscience is discovering and uncovering more rationale behind our behaviors, attitudes and choices than ever before. At 40 Years of Zen, we put together a short list of fun facts about the neuroscience behind some common life experiences that we thought you might enjoy as well.    Baking Bread – Baking Comfort Did you know that active […]

Social Connection Brought to you by Science and Technology

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Social Connection Brought to you by Science and Technology We know from brain science that human beings are wired to be social, so it is not a surprise that the necessity of social distancing, brought about by the coronavirus on such a grand scale, is a challenge for so many of us.  Better, perhaps, for us to have termed our life saving technique as “physical distancing while maintaining […]

Emotional Resiliency during the Coronavirus

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Emotional Resiliency during the Coronavirus We can’t control the storm, but we can control the sails of our ship. We are all watching in absolute shock what is transpiring within our own lives, our community, our nations and the world.  How do we navigate these new waters when our usual compass is not suited for […]

Coronavirus Update

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Coronavirus Update To the 40 Years of Zen Community,   We are closely monitoring and reviewing the most recent information and science, from the World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control, and the Washington State Government, that is available about the coronavirus (COVID-19).  For 40 Years of Zen we are paying attention to how it may […]

What do Brainwaves have to do with it?

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Every experience you have as a living human being is a result of an underlaying pattern of brain waves. Every moment of every day your brain waves are oscillating different frequencies. Brain waves are measured in hertz (cycles per second) and grouped in different categories: Delta (1– 4), Theta (4-8), Alpha (8-12), Beta (12-38) and Gamma (38–100).   […]