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Are you someone committed to getting the best out of your life and being the best version of yourself? Are you looking to make a tremendous impact in the lives of others around you? Are you ready to let go of the stories and patterns in your life that no longer serve you? Are you curious, open-minded, and looking to take your life to the next level?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions contact us now! We look forward to hearing from you.

Yes, we do. We can customize a corporate program to meet the needs of your organization. Please submit an email to to find out more.

The training takes place at our facility approximately 30 minutes outside of Seattle. In order to protect the confidentiality and safety of our clients we do not offer tours at this time.

There are a maximum of 4 people in each group per training with up to 2 groups.

We have trainings every week of the year. The 5 Day Program week starts on Mondays and completes on Fridays.


While every client’s results differ as no two people or experiences are the same, we typically see a full standard deviation reduction in measures from the areas targeted in the brain maps. This means better control, greater efficiency, less energy expenditure and more calibrated connectivity.

While every client’s results differ as no two people or experiences are the same, we typically see a full standard deviation reduction or increase in measures from the areas targeted in the brain maps for improvement. This means that in their lives they experience improvements in such experiences as: 

Increase your IQ and EQ 

Neurofeedback has shown to increase IQ, Cognitive Function and Emotional Intelligence (EQ). With 40 Years of Zen’s neurofeedback and proprietary technology and processes, increases in these measures translate into you being a highly effective communicator, problem solver, leader, partner and friend. 

Upgrade Executive Function  

By training the deep neural networks of your brain you will be able to sharpen your executive function. You will take a quantum leap into gaining self-awareness, clarifying your goals, thinking strategically and unlocking your full potential. In a nutshell, this is neuro-tech executive coaching. 

Enhance Relationships  

People who do the 40 Years of Zen program report that they became better friends, husbands, wives, parents, lovers, employers and employees. From the boardroom to the dinner table, you can connect deeply with yourself and more easily and impactfully with others. 

Free Up Your Energy 

Just like your smartphone, your brain is full of apps. Some of these apps are useful. Others are outdated, slowing you down and sucking up energy. With our customized neurofeedback protocols, you will clear up your old programming and free up your energy for your life now. 

Be Better Now Not Later 

Fast track your professional and personal development. You will learn to access mental states and upgrades of awareness that normally take decades to achieve. Graduates of our program live their best lives now, not later. 

Expand Consciousness 

Increasing your level of awareness, ultimately leads to your ability to have more choice in your life. After the program, you become adept at choosing your responses in life instead of reacting to circumstances.  You will be able to more effortlessly achieve your goals, design better work/life balance, and make decisions based on your highest values. 

Neurofeedback has been demonstrated to improve intelligence; while we can never guarantee any specific results, we have seen an increase as high as 15 IQ points.

You will complete the program being you; however, you will have more access to YOU! You will discover new aspects of yourself you did not acknowledge or recognize prior to the program week. 

 The changes in personality include in increase in your EQ. You will have the experience of recognizing choices in a given situation compared to simply reacting out of old patterns and behaviors. 

 People report that their relationships improve with the most important beneficial changes being the relationship to yourself which then extends to everyone else in your life. 

 “What I fundamentally experienced is mostly a sense of “integration” or perhaps “realization” of an ability to be and behave as I had always been desiring to, which was previously blocked by the old neurological and behavioral patterns, which were “not me.” It gave me the freedom to behave as I actually wanted to but had been preventing myself from one way or another. “

Cameron Benton 2018 

Meditation is great. The challenge is that it is difficult to know if you’re doing it right and it takes a long time to get significant resultsThrough our neurofeedback program you teach your brain exactly what it feels like to be in a meditative state and it allows you to make massive beneficial changes to your brain that would normally take decades to achieve. 

No, it is not required. A large portion of our client base has never meditated before. 

Actually the opposite is true. In several studies it’s been demonstrated that happy people are more successful. Specifically, happy people on average have 31% higher productivity than their less happy peers, their sales are 37% higher, and their creativity is three times as high.

Study Links:


Electrodes are placed on your head to measure your brainwave activity. Your brain gets rewarded with a cue, audio and/or visual, when your brain’s neural activity is firing optimally The brain begins to learn very quickly, “when I create these waves, I get that reward, and I like that reward so I’m going to create more and more of those waves.” What’s happening is the brain is interacting with it’s own electrical signal for the first time and is able to develop new neural pathways much faster than it would through life experience, specialized and intentional practices, or meditation. 

There is an initial focus on Alpha with some work in Gamma and/or Theta depending on the needs of the Client.With an individualized brain map reading for the client on day 1, of the program week, our technicians are able to calibrate the brain wave training program required for the client by targeting different parts of the brain and the ideal brain wave frequencies for optimal feedback. 

For the initial program week, all clients train in both, Alpha and Gamma. With our proprietary hardware and software, you will train to enhance the optimal neuronal activity of the brainThis is part of 40YOZ’s secret sauce. 

Yes, all clients receive copies of their brain maps and neurofeedback sessions at the end of the program.


  • The price of our 5 Day Master Program is $16,000. The program fee includes the 5-day neurofeedback training program, with individual brain map and review, POD and CAP Training, Facilitation, private Chef created lunches and dinners and supplements for the week.
  •  We require a $5,000 deposit to book your date. The deposit is non-refundable but is transferable when rescheduled more than 30 days from the beginning of your scheduled training date. The final balance is due 30 days prior to your training date. 

Yes. We use Paypal Credit as our payment plan provider. You can put up to $10,000 USD through the payment plan with 0% interest for 6 months, if you qualify for the plan. For more information, please schedule a call by clicking HERE. 

Currently we do not have a scholarship program. However many clients have been able to get the cost of the training partially or fully reimbursed by their employer.


The 40YOZ program week is a 5 Day experience that runs from Monday to Friday. It starts at 9:00am each day and usually finishes by 7:30pm in the evenings after dinner. There are a few variables involved so it is impossible to provide exact times. The days are full as you are getting the work-out your brain needs to optimize and for you to upgrade you and life to become the best version of yourself.

You are invited to arrive at 8:45 to start your morning with decaf coffee or tea with all the fixings available for you to have your drink as you want. If you normally eat breakfast, we recommend that you continue to do so before you arrive for the program.

The bulk of the day consists of brain wave training with POD training on specific brain wave frequencies and CAP training which gives you the ability to focus on upgrading specific aspects of your own brain. Facilitation and instruction are given to you as you go through your day to make sure you get the most out of your experience as possible. You will be given different protocols and processes throughout the week. Each day builds on the previous days’ experience.

Approximate Schedule of Activities:

8:45am                  Coffee & tea

9:00am                  Start Time

9:00 to 1:00pm    Brain Training & Facilitation

1:00 to 1:30pm    Lunch

1:30 to 6:30pm    Brain Training & Facilitation

6:30pm                  Dinner

Lunch, dinner and snacks are prepared by our own in-house chef. 

Supplements that have been selected to assist you to optimize your brain performance and recovery are provided at the appropriate times. In the evenings you are on your own to return to your accommodations. Some people like to book massages or float tanks and our concierge service is available to help you with these.

Yes, it is confidential. At 40YOZ we take confidentiality seriously. Everyone who participates in the program including clients and staff must sign a confidentiality agreement in advance of the training.

Not withstanding the foregoing, in certain circumstances, the Company may be required to disclose, and will disclose, information in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, judicial, administrative agency, regulatory agency or other government agency order.

40 Years of Zen is a homework free experience.

We recommend all clients turn off their cell phones during the training. If there is an emergency situation, we can always accommodate to your needs.

We do have several recommendations and suggestions that we send to clients upon receiving their deposit.

Although he does not attend every week he does drop in on occasion and sometimes he comes in for his own training week to continue his brain performance upgrades.


No. When you’ve completed the training our team will make some recommendations if you want to go deeper, but your results will be significant regardless.

Absolutely!  40YOZ has advanced training programs for people who have already experienced the initial program week. The reasons clients choose to come back is so that they can continue the grow and build upon the results of their first training; both with brain performance optimization and their own consciousness upgrades.  The advanced training programs introduce additional feedback for both POD and CAP trainings as well as advanced protocols and procedures that go with them.

No. You will receive permanent lasting results from one session. Many of our clients do decide to come back, because they want to go further but it is by no means necessary.

Yes. To support you through this process and help you lock in the benefits of the coaching we include regular access to our online webinars, our MasterMind group, with our team of neuroscientists, doctors, and Dave Asprey. You will be given an opportunity to ask questions and participate in discussions.


  • We do not include accommodation or transportation, but they can be added on for an additional fee
  • Clients are responsible for any flights and transportation to and from the airport. 

We are located 40 minutes away from the Seattle Tacoma International Airport in Kenmore, WA. 

We recommend Uber, Lyft or car rental. 

Yes, once your application is accepted you will be sent a questionnaire that includes all your allergies and dietary restrictions which our chef will abide by. 

Ultimately, it’s your body and brain, so while we highly recommend taking the supplements for maximum benefit, it’s your choice to make.