Welcome to Neurominer brain training! We suggest that you start here with the Creator program for your first week of training. While it’s the first level of training, that doesn’t mean it’s easy!

Creator ImageFor the Creator sessions, you’re going to be working in your Alpha wave states. This brain state is a state of normal waking consciousnesses. Some aspects include:

  • True relaxation and relaxed focus
  • Creativity and super learning
  • Same state as when you’re in pre-sleep or pre-waking drowsiness
  • Gateway to access the unconscious mind

The instructions are fairly straightforward and can be found on the Neurominer Welcome page. The audio will be pushing your brain into the Alpha state. While that’s happening, you’re going to be counting the bells. Keep the running total in your head. You’ll find your mind wandering which may cause you to forget to count a new bell, or forget the number that you have counted so far. That’s the point! The struggle is how the new neural connections are made.

Set yourself up for success with the following tips and tricks:

  1. Be sure to use headphones! The audio files are custom made by Bill Harris at Holosync and they are very sensitive. Headphones are required to get your brain into the alpha state.
  2. When training, be sure the room your are in is dark OR use a sleep mask. If you don’t like things touching your eyelashes or eyelids, get a cupped or contoured shaped sleeping mask.
  3. Do your Neurominer Insightful training every day, for at least 10 minutes, but ideally for 20 minutes. It builds on itself and your brain needs the consistent practice to make improvements!
  4. Feed your brain well. This means eating a diet rich healthy fats, or at least take krill oil twice per day. Krill comes from a tiny shrimp and contains fatty acids similar to fish, but it reduces inflammation and improves brain function. Krill oil is tied with other fatty acids that allow it to enter the brain more easily than plain fish oil.
  5. Get enough sleep! You should fully expect that you’ll have more intense and more vivid dreams during this training period too.

Remember, it’s the struggle that creates the growth and improvement in your creativity and recall, so stick with it!

Set aside 20 minutes. If you’re crunched for time, you can do just 10 minutes of Creator training but do the full 20 minutes if you can possibly fit it in. Use that time to start training your brain for better memory, intuition, creativity and recall!

Warning and Disclaimer

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